Saturday, 3 August 2013

Entrepreneu is a Verb

Just the way a runner runs, a dancer dances, a teacher teaches; an entrepreneur entrepreneus. It is a very simple understanding which enables a shift in the mentality of an individual. With a slight shift in mental paradigm, people are able to perform their tasks with great efficiency because the derivative of the 'why' behind what they do now comes from an intrinsic rather than an extrinsic place.

What it means to Entrepreneu
To entrepreneu is more than to just take ownership of work. It means to creatively and confidently provide solutions. When we say 'provide solutions', we don't just mean when dealing with clients. We mean in any and all situations. To entrepreneu means to reflectively think. It means to learn from all that one does; to stop, think, derive a learning, an understanding, an open conclusion subjective to change based on a revelation. To contemplate not only the failures but also the successes, to not only realize what not to do but what could be done better henceforth. Most of all, an entrepreneur is an excuse remover. Where a person with an employee mentality would have a host of reasons to not complete a task due to lack of resources or unsupportive conditions; the person who entrepreneus bends rules, goes the extra mile and figures out a way to complete the task. To entrepreneu means to not let life's shortcomings and lack of circumstantial preparedness keep you from arriving at the intended goal. In other words to entrepreneu means to be a go getter in any and all cases. It is a thought-enabled action which brings about a change in behavior which leads to supportive habits. And as a result the overall circumstance of the individual changes, allowing his circumstantial preparedness to match his personal preparedness which is what truly makes him prepared to achieve success when the opportunity presents itself.

Entrepreneu to Prepare
Entrepreneu to Prepare

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